EduSense Team

EduSense is developed by a multidisciplinary team at Carnegie Mellon University, including experts in pedagogy, human-centered design, distributed systems, privacy, computer vision, and machine learning.

The EduSense team is deeply grateful to the McDonnell Foundation and National Science Foundation for supporting this research (IIS-1822813, IIS-1747997 and CSR-1526237). We would also like to thank the staff of the Eberly Center at Carnegie Mellon University, particularly Marsha Lovett and David Gerritsen, who have been ardent supporters of this project since its inception. We also appreciate all the help that the staff of the Media Services provided us with early installation of cameras, particularly Brian Fitzgerald and Dan Noulett. Lastly, we would like to sincerely thank all the students and instructors who participated in our studies, allowing us to collect data in their classrooms.

Karan Ahuja

Ph.D. Student, CMU • homepage

Dohyun Kim

Ph.D. Student, CMU

Franceska Xhakaj

Ph.D. Student, CMU • homepage

Amy Ogan

Professor, CMU • homepage

Yuvraj Agarwal

Professor, CMU • homepage

Chris Harrison

Professor, CMU • homepage

Rofin Andonissamy

Project Manager, CMU

Mudar Memari

Systems Administrator, CMU

Project Alumni

Virag Varga

Visiting Research Scholar, ETH • homepage

Anne Xie

Project Manager, CMU • homepage

Stanley Zhang

Student Researcher, CMU

J. Eric Townsend

Research Programmer, CMU

Avi Romanoff

Student Researcher, CMU

Cyrus Tabrizi

Student Researcher, CMU